Why Am I Grinding My Teeth?

by the anonymous.

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released March 30, 2012

the anonymous. is:
goldzilla. (kwesi akaah) as the mc
some kid (paul wilson) as the dj/engineer

why am i grinding my teeth was written and recorded between 2007-2011

all raps were written and performed by goldzilla. except where featured artists are noted.
all songs were recorded and premixed by some kid at the west wing in royal oak,mi except “empty love nest”, rob’s vocal’s on “…i do my other thing”, and jeremy’s vocals on “hammerhead shark” which were recorded at the clubhouse in detroit, mi

the album was mixed and mastered by andrew davis at vintage king studios in ferndale, mi

album artwork and layout by jonathan ryan rajewski - jonathanryanrajewski.tumblr.com

management and booking – rob wilson – rob@aquaticpeople.com

contact – theanonymousdetroit@gmail.com



all rights reserved


the anonymous. Detroit, Michigan

an mc and a dj's plot to take over the world.


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Track Name: Searching For Kid Calamity
with so much drama in the midst of the mitten
where the children go missing
and the winters are infinite.
on an extended vacay writing new songs for slaves
cause wade in the water's so 1998,
produced by puffy with heavy diana ross sampled loops with mary j on the hook high hats overproduced,
in other words passé,
in other words overplayed,
i can't complain i got three copies yesterday.
i bootlegged it three months before the release date,
who pays for music that’s obsolete anyway?
what a difference a year makes its crazy, even swayze went and got ghost like swazye.
(whoa man too soon) i know man i'm just saying
a current event gave rap similes a new meaning.
feels good to be back in the swing of things back in black give em hell chuck brown we all know you're a good man. if you’re dead you’re bumping this out the devil’s amps sitting next to the furnace thinking “hot damn
this is a good record, i haven't heard shit like this in a while
if i wasn’t burning in hellfire i might crack a smile.”
no one stopped the riot that broke out this morning.
the cops are on strike until the donut shop opens.
from slave ships to yachts kunta would be so proud
like ”i'm on a boat bitch somebody call amistad.”
we’re gonna summer on the french riviera,
white party with donald trump fuck the hamptons in the winter.
plant microchips in my skin blame it on the government, its the cool thing to do everybody hates establishment. i'm just tryin to get in where i fit in
go to mars bring back aliens
and say “obama let me do it.”
cop bombs off the senator,
sell dust to the mayor,
in a van bumping slayer,
write__________ a love letter.
like ooh baby I need you, you’re so sexy
then lace it with anthrax in the margins,
oops i beg your pardon,
i didn’t mean to go off on on a tangent
but no one’s here to cosign these rhymes
they got there own mind.
i’ll give selena kyle a run for her nine lives
puss like that only comes once in a lifetime
maybe two or three times maybe a dime a dozen
i’ll gamble on those odds cause i like a good bargain.
my sex is the best thirty seconds of your life you won't regret
after pancake breakfast you can run and tell your friends you just sexed a b-boy in tantric kama sutra,
an awkward encounter you can bank on in the future. you see a hindu and a black in a black lamborghini that’s anil driving i'm shotty fucking with the cd,
fucking with the heating,
that’s luxury seating,
down 13 mile and orchard lake steadily creeping.
like ahmedinejad in the synagogue
trying to get it on on krypton with nothing but slippers on.
think fast, live fast, or die trying
teaching deftones to the tone deaf with diamonds in my iris.
still searching for kid clamaity not sure where he could be, if you see him tell him he's still got a spot on the team, we'll set it off with a smooth criminal gangster lean, rolling on tens but you know i keep em mad clean
yeah your man fiends,
and everybody’s staring i got 12 16s hooked up in john voight’s lebaron.
does that make me a basshead cause i'm turnin up the dolby
in the middle of the burbs at seven thirty in the morning? this is our gift to you a few years past due
and if you’ve never heard of us then i guess its all new.
so put em up like you life was on the line
like you were in dark alley and they ran up on you with a nine,
or the cops kick down your door and you’re holding the murder weapon
and your like officer she's not dead she's just resting.
Track Name: Hammerhead Shark
my enemy’s enemy is my bestest best friend.
today reggie ain’t the only one in full effect.
the most dangerous stay hungrier than budapest.
step in front of the mirror to no reflect.
artists are starving
no more food for thought.
contributing my prose
consider this food for art.
not flat broke but bitch i’m hardly ballin’,
so when ben folds you know i’m going all in.
everywhere i go i hear heads talking
cause dave byrne and i are out committing arsons. worshipping the three g’s god, guns, and grenades
and ain’t calling it quits ‘til the fat bitch serenade.
rose petals for algernon who could’ve foresaw
the paranoia caused from the power of tetsuo’s arm.
if i were a rich man i would expand my wingspan
and kick my feet up in my tree house with the heat up.

hammerhead shark swims real real low
hammerhead shark swims real real slow
streets paved with gold rain hail sleet snow
dig deep soil plant seed watch grow

i’m glad to see the recession didn’t effect mario’s knack to stack gold coins,
he’s on another level lamping with his homeboys.
i’m sitting here and i cant afford textbooks
i’m boosting them from marwils you think i’m failing out you’re mistook.
who ever made clancy wiggum master chief
or snake master thief 3 eyed fish never wink.
insomniacs dream of the day that they finally get to dream
after years of counting sheep
they fully embrace the big sleep.
holding a chainsaw in the same hand i murk with,
naw dog the same hand i do the jerk with.
do the steve martin right foot in go berserk with
keepin’ it strictly business while i work this.
iridescent since adolescence,
i haven’t seen huckleberry since i hired him to paint my fences.
ayo big homie count that down for me.

hammerhead shark swims real real low
hammerhead shark swims real real slow
streets paved with gold rain hail sleet snow
dig deep soil plant seed watch grow

since when did vampires go from nosferatu to asexual teen heartthrobs?
you see back in my day they would get bombed
quit your day job
we don’t hear that noise where i’m from.
total eclipse of the heartless
shutting off autopilot with roger murdoc in the cockpit. one up on the kardashians with fam living in luxury
for centuries just like a kennedy.
guiding lights through prisms
a dynasty one life to live for all my children.
a big daddy thing wrath of erica kane
like susan lucci bound to win one day.
i’m blowing up the spot like proximity mines in the archives
goldeneye living daylights you only live twice.
swimming low after dark,
b a select start,
feasting on carp
all in the life and times of a hammerhead shark.
Track Name: Presidential Sweet
kind of a big city, kind of a big deal,
a little bit more grizzly since my last meal.
in the rap game for the loot and the babes
sadly two things i cant take to my grave.
every girl i wanna fuck isn’t interested,
i’m sending anthrax death threats to their boyfriends. kevin hit the high seas came back with an accent,
i went to berkley came back with a warrant.
that’s why i never hesitate to scream fuck the cops
just a momma’s boy spitting image of my pops
if he were alive today he would show you who’s boss
i’ll see him again on the day my casket drops.
you can flip your piff soft
and ripped off
you want the real deal talk to christoph or kick rocks.
the best manager i ever had nuff said
catch us at epicurus staying well fed.

look ma no harry palms
its hard to get it on when your born with lobster claws
look ma no evidence
not guilty cause they couldn’t trace the fingerprints
out to resurrect seven leaf clover
ops prime sticker on murdeezy’s bumper
peep the red volkswagon on the lawn
at the presidential suite trying to get it on

boba fett on a laser quest don't even waste your breath he’s top rank and didn’t even need a vest. l
ess complex than oedipus’ first date with ma dukes
with flowers and chocolates just to set the mood.
at the speed of life
at the DIA dino exhibit for forty days and forty nights.
you cant win friends with fresh greens, na mean?
maybe you can don’t ask me.
just come to my bbbq
the extra b stands for bring your own black balloons and brew.
i just got a new spot right on the west wing
decked out in the finest plush furnishings.
who listens to rap anymore its so “urban”?
it’s just for those who roll 20 deep in tinted suburbans, with forty o’s in their grip while they’re swerving,
with L’s burning, a new version of higher learnin.
look ma i learned how to color in the lines
at this rate i’m gonna be senator in no time.
so you hate your life? join the club
we meet every single day at your local pub
like that.
Track Name: ...I Do My Other Thing
before i do my thing i got my other thing lined up,
way down in the underground where aliens can't find us. yea dog gettin grizz,
sally struthers save the kids,
hook up the somalians
with buttered grits and smothered ribs.
now they on some other shit
bombing for the fuck of it
anomolies anonymous connected to the mothership. veteran resident
never nervous or hesitant,
goblins running for president
to legsilate for revenants.
running with scissors the thriller chiller godzilla smash. five million watts of that funk outta fuckin killer amps.

before i do my thing i got my other thing in action
rollin in a monster truck to beat rush hour traffic.
yea dog what's the word?
dropping shit you've never heard,
planet earth is so absurd grip my bike, hop the curb.
i pledge allegiance to summer wonder so “who are you?” no time for bummers or slumber cooking up bitches brew. tony rocky horror picture show
ready set here we go
drop you from the balcony for touching my wife's big toe. everybody’s gettin’ low like they're shooting up the disco, feeling like forty below escape in a white bronco.
orange juice straight outta flask,
firewalk on broken glass,
oh shit he leakin dog somebody call the amberlamps.

before i do my thing i got my other thing poppin,
detroit zoo tiger pit started up a mosh pit.
yea dog real detroit,
boys and girls makin noise,
time to make a silver choice,
clean your toys or raise your voice.
tougher than leather wool knitted sweaters saharan weather
spent cheddar on mozzerella
deffer than hellen keller.
capture all the footage full metal kubric,
you know where the hood is
bonfire on woodbridge.
hangin with a bunch of kids spaced out like buzz aldrin what you got in common with charles darwin and martians?
another year up on the streets
breaking beats and grinding teeth
afford to speak cause talk is cheap
warping time like quantum leap.
ask a crackhead what you know about pumping bass?
5.1 surround sound 808s up in your face.
at the rave tripping face,
too much of that drum and bass,
soda grape, yellow cake
don’t act like you don’t like the taste.
Track Name: Life of a Salesman
pay your tithes we’ll welcome you with open arms
we’ll wash away your sins and lay on holy palms. employee of the month won’t guarantee a pension
you don’t believe me live the life of a salesman.
why’s he gotta die he’s trying to live comfy?
20/20 pessimist opposite of billy mumphry,
my only downfall i was way too hungry,
why not be greedy in lew of starving?
if only willy lowman survived the economy
he coulda left a fat nest egg for his family.
living proof hard work doesn’t pay off
i’ve never took a day off
but i’m always getting laid off.
god you’re fired not for lack of productivity
things are tight for the company right now fiscally.
don’t take it personal we’d love to keep you on the payroll financially right now for us it’s impossible.
i take long showers and think for long hours
staring at this microwave will give me god’s powers.
it worked for bruce banner and reed richards
after a dose of gamma rays my skin is a green silver.
the difference between wishes and prayers
i wish my brother james was here
zombies prey on the scared and the weak
kinda like saturday to saturday
fit a nine to five and work until you pass away.

if you’re hungry come here we will feed you
if you’re lost come here and we will guide you
if you need a home come to us we will house you
all it will cost you is a life savings donation to the congregation

ever since i was young i wanted to be a ninja
mom still wants me to go to med school go figure.
i didn’t do either
i stole kanye’s steez and dropped out before commencement
and put my failures on record.
the art of living reckless no caution,
what’s the fun in life if you’re not living lawless?
treat life like mario 3 world two being chased by the sun never stop running til the level is done.
when i die don’t let the government get my body
just save what you can and give what’s left to my mommy
she’ll know what to do no lavish funeral
she’ll bury me in Ghana,
in a tomb next to my poppa,
where it’s hotter than a sauna,
in fields of marijuana
warriors with kitanas,
parades thrown in my honor.
que sera whatever may be is reality
but if you don’t become a champ then you’re out of this family.

if you’re hungry come here and we will feed you
if you’re lost come to us and we will guide you
if you need a home come to us we will house you
all it will cost you is a life savings donation to the congregation
Track Name: Tyler Perry Presents Tyler Perry Presents/Sunday (Interlude)
come down to hell kick it watch the game
stay for the ambiance you’ll be glad you came.
pack in the cinema for the main attraction
twelve fifty for popcorn in the smoking section.
inbetween prophet and profit
just a prophet trying to profit
its simple math you need bigger pockets.
how do you write a rhyme that hasn’t been said yet?
or imitate an artist that hasn’t been dead yet?
forsee the future on a radio jetset
we don’t dance we burn down your discotech.
walk like a gentleman
talk like a barbarian
sex on my mind times ten times adrenaline.
g stands for granddaddy gigantor galapagos
get up get with it or get ghost.
shoeboxes full of mint condition cassettes
stacked along the walls of suburban basements.
jesus out halloween eve burning down cribs
if you’re from where i’m from you might get the reference.
just a strange metaphor for irony
in these strange times that’s a sight i wouldn’t be surprised to see.
sometimes i wish i was like benny in brooklyn
wandering the city getting shit cooking.
gourmet to me bacon on everything
high fructose papaya juice fresh squeezed
a dead animal smothered in extra cheese
between slices of bread sauce extra spicy.
apes riding zebras through arabian tundra
hearts darker than the ghettos of Nigeria.
midnight to be exact even darker than that
crayola 64 yaphet koto black.
this bullshit economy’s got me
inside of target with a loaded gat and dynamite screaming hire me.
piff in a blanket rolled tight in the stash
diamonds are infinite all my time went to cash.
if i could rearrange the alphabet i’d put UNI together throw a verse after it make myself emperor.
razor blades in your krusty o’s that’s a cereal killer
waiting for global warming sixty degree winter.
in a tinted van with amps that pump more bass than 80’s dc
vs marvel image spawned zombies.
we’re coming to you live with the revolution via satellite he’s suing cable for reruns infringing copyrights.
sub zero frostbit
baboon heart transplant performed by kano moonlighting as a heart surgeon.
toasty fatality quart of blood technique
king for a day invested in pork bellies.
keep my duke and dukes up call me louis winthorpe better yet valentine from tip cup to rich fuck
stay awake for days trying to dodge the big sleep
don’t fear the reaper he ain’t this clean bitch please.
the thoughts of an undergrad that fell two years behind came back to receive a degree in fahrenheits.
sick of television bored of education
too many commercials to hold my attention.
segregated from the pack tiger cub on the lone path
out hunting at dusk resting for the sabbath.
gabriel and miles davis extended horn duet
thelonius joins to usher in the apocalypse.
a beast among men hank mccoy rouge scholar
built like a monster the knowledge holds the power
digital bathing at the knife party
in a bloody cape for an uninteresting events anniversary.

still haven’t learned to swim despite what some might think
float slowly above the surface and fight the urge to sink. wading in the shallow end with a hole inside the rudders keep paddling ‘til i find a safe place for harbor.
before i do my thing i’d like to take the time to chat, welcome to my home wipe your feet upon the mat.
my life’s a metaphor written by the illest cats
something like langston hughes meets kool g rap.
if this were a novel it would’ve been banned in the 80’s for misunderstood metaphors of worshiping hades.
my estimated worth the 1000 words of this photo
more glow than your average joe blow no homosapien dna found at the crime scene
just a full grizzly bear with a pile of bones behind him. with a look in his face saying you should not have fed me but since you dared to tempt me all of you are dead meat.
an ode to anxiety and paranoia in my head
to every i love you that got left unsaid.
i’m sorry i couldn’t be exactly what you wanted,
but the effort that i put in should really count for something.
maybe you took me for granted or the fault was on me they say it takes two to tango feel free to take the lead.
if i could do it all again i wouldn’t change a thing
i’ll never learn my lesson i’ll keep coming back to feed. mom coulda named me anything underneath the sun you can misspell or mispronounce it you wouldn’t be the first one.
she donned me after the first day under the sun
what a fitting name for elizabeth’s youngest son.
Track Name: Smells Like Teen People
too self conscious to dance but can still get down,
i’m not talking get low everyone hit the fucking ground. same day different mishief
better yet same mischief different district.
sittin at the pad just chillin
support your local villains killin to make a killin.
you can’t escape science or numerals in there prime
if your not moving clockwise you’re wasting your time. from the west wing to a suite presidential
fireplace with a deer head above the mantle.
if that defines moving on up
confuse me with george jeff cause we walk with the same strut.
same walk same talk same phonics
bursting at the seams fat man in little garments.
no sleep til my posse’s on broadway
with bright lights blinding us it’s all play all day.
eating off the same plates as kings
at the last supper everyone draped in minks
this is my house though i’m no md
every time i drop a rhyme it’s just like neurosurgery.
i don’t even brag that shit’s so 90’s
but when’s the last time you heard a rap that’s worth buying?
consider my case rested consider this present a worthy investment.
shoulda got a scholarship for crafting arts
without use of paper machet king of sharks.
pessimist with a new twist on the wack scheme
not half empty look at the glass half clean
all filthy looks like the roof is on fire
if you can’t stand the heat get the fuck out my diner. smells like teen people
a familiar stench very reminiscent of evil.
drop kool aid man off a building
with hawiian punch lookin at me like yo you got the juice now.
freeze frame fade to black roll credits
no unnecessary sequel or directors edits.
smells like teen people in here don’t sweat it.
Track Name: April Showers
the way god intended a rainy afternoon next to you
light peeking through the blinds giving me the best view of a goddess with an appetite for decadence
some call it addiction i call it circumstance.
i stay in when it rains you like to stay wet.
you enjoy snowflakes i prefer dryer climates.
i’ll pass but i don’t mind copping some for you boo
cause you’re my boo boo i’ll do anything for you boo. forever my lady forever my gwen stacey
my friends don’t understand, they don’t know how special you are.
you hold a special piece of my heart
speaking of heart i can see yours beating through your chest
A cup breast no sweat watching you sweat
contributing to your sexy physique no whole wheat. you’re diet of all leak
so weak you cant speak
i can look into your eyes and know just what you think.

butterscotch, hot fudge, special k,
what else could go better on a sunday
afternoon nothing better than laying next to you
as you wake up out of a coma that was drug induced. hold your silky hair back while you puke,
stop you refuse,
won’t even eat the food i cooked for you.
no appetite? its alright
i’ll save the leftovers for another night
when you’re feeling better
not withdrawing underneath the weather
look you’re even wearing my favorite sweater.
oh you got some puke on it don’t worry baby its yours now
everything including the world is yours now.
i don’t even mind cause this is true love
they want us apart but I don’t give two fucks.
you look so beautiful
i could stare at you all day while i eat cereal
what’s wrong you look a little more pale than usual.
Track Name: 10:31
a picture’s worth a 1000 words
a word’s worth a 1000 portraits
circular reasoning makes sense
i’ll take a rest
when jesus gets a night off
makin moves like kasperoff
you’re drunk at 2 am copping burgers like hasslehoff.
i still got my manute bol 93 upper deck
next to my tree rollins
in its original plastic
worth about the same as my comic book collection
action comics #1 still in mint condition.
kittens inspired by pussy more ferocious than felines nesting in jungles hunting in daytime.
whatchu gonna do with all that junk in your trunk?
i was gonna recycle it but i’ll use the sidewalk as a dump. payday take a fly babe to a matinee
and remember mom’s advice when she say make sure the hooker pay.
another life in the day of k double vé
beat chuck brown for top underdog on the humor page. watch dredrick tatum beat luscious sweet
from the presidential suite balcony
a big step up from the cheap seats.
it’s like a rain forest sometimes that makes me wonder
how to get a good slumber during heatwaves and thunder.
new buddy cop flick yaphet koto and danny glover,
called black on black even darker in technicolor,
you don’t live in the city the city lives inside you
and has the same effect as nicotine and caffine do…does
the new way to catch a buzz
get your weight up fried chicken with extra syrup.

who you feast with? my brethren.
who you creep with? the gremlins.
who you sleep with? the negligent.
that’s some deep shit. say that again.
worlds at war with confederates
but the reason’s irrelevant
in it just for the hell of it escaping the deficit.
doc cut my dosage of ritalin
now i can’t get my medicine
tell em fuck the excedrin so its back to the ambien.
now i’m running for president
but who set the precedent?
i just wanna represent
for lowlifes and residents.

kidnapping pitbulls to show valley my school pride
sagat will show you a tiger beat like go bayside. homecoming at the pep rally getting rowdy
beat zack morris for a date with kelly kapowski.
what’s he got that i don’t
besides an extra large cell phone
and an interracial love jones for lisa turtle?
jesse spano’s cute but ac slater can have her
i want that head cheerleader i heard she’s into rappers. fun times at the max milk shakes and magic tricks
i’ll meet you there after i hit up mickey d’s for breakfast.

who you feast with? my brethren.
who you creep with? the gremlins.
who you sleep with? the negligent.
that’s some deep shit. say that again.
worlds at war with confederates
but the reason’s irrelevant
in it just for the hell of it escaping the deficit.
doc cut my dosage of ritalin
now i can’t get my medicine
tell em fuck the excedrin so its back to the ambien.
now i’m running for president
but who set the precedent?
i just wanna represent
for lowlifes and residents.
Track Name: Prom Night/Empty Love Nest (Rob Downy Interlude)
yellow caked out pass the yellow cake out
and hit the spiked punch like a shindig at jonestown. you’re my gwen stacey i’m your worst nightmare
cause i didn’t come to dance but you don’t care.
let’s party like it’s 19.99 no tax
we’ve been waiting for this night all year lets face facts, as long as this yellow cake keeps flowin’
you can be my felicia hardy and i’ll be your agent orange. when you said you like to get wet i thought you meant you liked the rain,
whatever girl if that’s your thing.
bitch its prom night i just got a zoot suit and some jordan ones
let’s dine at red lobster and i won’t make you go dutch unless of course you want
you can pick up the check and i won’t make a fuss.
you’re my emma frost i’m you’re trainwreck
you swear i’m the one and i swear that we just met.
all you can eat yellow cake i’m on my fifth plate
with all the intentions of reaching third base.
behind the dumpster the prom queen performs her own abortion
we’re in the camry back seat toasting to others misfourtunes
with a horizontal salute two deep in the pink
you’re too drunk too slow down i’m too sober to think. you can kiss me and pretend that you love it and i’ll pretend that i won’t tell our sexcapade to the public.
the night is young and we’re only getting younger
i’ll grip your body like i do my NES controller.
we can do the acts you only see on the internet
already intimate and we didn’t even have dinner yet.
but you wont regret it,
especially the morning after when you wake up to scrambled egg breakfast.
you’re experienced than i, i cant lie
but i’ll front like a pro like i do this all the time.
you say you love my tattoos i pull you in closer
prom night’s just a night who said this had to be over? we can keep it poppin til at least ten AM
around the same time when i kick you outta bed.
the best prom night i ever had i must admit
i’m glad i took time to get dolled up for this.
no strings attached what’s beating that
i’m still your desert storm you’re still my betty brant.
two horny young lovers too horny for our own good
the dance floor is ours baby get on your good foot
i just wanna dance with somebody
pull you closer and feel the heat from your body
i could care less if you love me
you can be my secret rendevouz on the low key.
no promises of promise rings let’s take it slow ma’am
we’ll take it back to my crib and listen to some slow jams.

saturday night girl wake up to nothing but a lonely bed now.
saturday night girl wake up to nothing but a lonely bed now.
i can only find a way. tell me what is right, tell me what is right girl
Track Name: Too In The Pink
fell asleep to silk sheets and the hum of the small screen, wake up to the keep clean hygiene routine.
hit the corner store dropped about eighteen
now i got ten bucks to last me the whole week.
i got white problems of cheap girls,
i mean i got cheap problems of white girls,
no matter the order who you are or where you come from
out of 99 problems a bitch is like ten of ‘em.
the make out bandit makin’ out like a bandit
count the cash in one hand the other gets romantic.
not a player just a second string bench warmer
in it for a paycheck with at least three commas.
bumping golfview like that shit just came out
in a caravan with all the windows down.
now that 2010 is vintage
i guess that makes it more in style now than it was when it existed.
i wanna learn guitar before i reach my deathbed
in the meantime animal’s giving me drum lessons.
celeb tragedies taught me death comes in threes
so when i go out all of you are coming with me.

drop it like its unseasonably warm
you ain’t got nothing better to do just stay calm
i put two in the pink and one where it counts
don’t be shocked girl you got the best seat in the house

there’s a good chance the government’s trying to murder me
that ain’t new ain’t shit changed but the currency.
me and the mayor do lines off a dead strippers ass
then hide the body in the grass before the news cameras pass.
i’m bout to start a forest fire you should come with
we’ll carpool together to save the environment.
i’m not concerned with every single dime that i spend
i got a bag of jelly beans saved up for retirement.
fuck the klu klux just bought a pair of new chucks
traded them to a scene girl for the new death cab album. she was busy taking self pics in the bathroom mirror
with the black and white effect she said their new records killer.
so i took that shit burned it shared it with my crew,
gave it a couple listens on my own then it was through. this social networking scene ain’t for me
without porn and mp3s the net to me is obsolete.
i only play with toys with serrated edges
i’m juggling chainsaws in the parking lot of bennigan’s. bucking two mcflys with the same gun
like biff tannen on a pitbull chasing the deloran.
i’m bout to get it poppin’ car keys no wallet,
just bring yourself and whatever you can fit in your pockets.
high stakes whether uno or crazy eights,
partner i’m still paying off debts from 88.

drop it like its unseasonably warm
you aint got nothing better to do just stay calm
i put two in the pink and one where it counts
don’t be shocked girl you got the best seat in the house
Track Name: Smash For Funkers
were you built to last or last to build?
what’s seven minutes in heaven to infinities in hell?
who’d have thought mankind’s downfall would erupt, from gathering two girls and supplying one cup?
animal revolt closely watched by the feds
apes live on channel sev chuckin’ nikes at the pres.
hand over fist makes the rubick’s cube twist
view the vistas through windows to pick out every glitch. ok computer radioheads all agree,
we’re nostalgic for cassettes but steal every mp3.
this year i’m hoping to finally make varsity
not being that mascot knocked out by charles barkley.
in a perfect world my life’s narrated by james earl jones all foot fetish scenes directed by tarantino
in hype williams fisheye and 24 real time
thx lucasarts hd for primetime.
scored by quincy jones and strictly for quality
my voice would be dubbed over by gilbert gotfried. enlightening? hardly,
but would sell a million copies
would score five mics and moms would be proud of me.

got nothing in the bank 400 in the mattress
20 in the couch stash the rest in the cutlass
stash it all away for this string of rainy days
crown me king for a day for my soul in exchange
traded in my whip for a new piece of mind
but i came to realize that this piece wasn’t mine
around the world in 80 schemes and 100 bad dreams
trying to get away clean get by by any means

i’m not paranoid am i? i don’t think,
i just don’t like the way this dollar bills looking at me.
up early on saturday building like art vandalay
sweet talking like i’m only in it for the foreplay.
at area 51 stashing mammoth tusks
like what’s the fun in harm if there’s no harm in fun.
ok you’re a ghoul but what’s a ghoul to a whole house full of holy ghosts?
spaced out coast to coast.
specters and goblins poltergeists and demons
waking the dead for walt disney’s unfreezin’.
(knock knock) who’s there?
(the cia.) the cia who?
(the cia is here and we came here to kill you.)

got nothing in the bank 400 in the mattress
20 in the couch stash the rest in the cutlass
stash it all away for this string of rainy days
crown me king for a day for my soul in exchange
traded in my whip for a new piece of mind
but i came to realize that this piece wasn’t mine
around the world in 80 schemes and 100 bad dreams
trying to get away clean get by by any means

this feels like the big one
the one where fred finally joins elizabeth
after years on the couch lamping watching flicks with grady
he leaves bubba, rollo, and lamont to be with his lady. rockin a kufi to match my tanooki suit
the raccoon tail makes it easier to commute.
i shot the sheriff but missed the target
the sidewalk ends now i’m back where i started.
living reckless a little more than expected,
pretending that wasted time was all splendid.
fishsticks for breakfast, lobster bib tucked in,
oj on the rocks, pancakes on the chin.
i front like i’m not jealous of doc waffles
and front like only guests use the fancy towels.
i gave a bum five bucks to play the stock market,
he bought a pint for himself and kept the small profit
he said the nasdaq was bound to plummet
and if he were to die he rather it be on a full stomach. can’t hate on that
buck fifty plus tax
beat it or join it do or die do the math.
21 bayonet salute for pluto
despite his icy demeanor he always remained neutral even when the conflict between planets became crucial he held his own knowing that beef shit gets brutal. waiting for the day ferris bueller gets expelled
about the same odds as parker lewis catching an L, scream aim fire and hear it echo
bullet for my valentine sign it with an xo.
in my stride temptations lead to the coffin
end of the whole world seen through the specs of david ruffin
went from timex to timex
to no watch at all like i had no time left.
where wolves pray before they feast on their prey
before they rip off the flesh they hold hands and say grace.
40 winks is close blood kin to that dirt nap
so don’t close your eyes you might never come back.