.​.​.​I Do My Other Thing

from by the anonymous.

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Beat by Scott thee Engineer and Irv Like Clockwork. Featuring additional vocals by Rob Downy


before i do my thing i got my other thing lined up,
way down in the underground where aliens can't find us. yea dog gettin grizz,
sally struthers save the kids,
hook up the somalians
with buttered grits and smothered ribs.
now they on some other shit
bombing for the fuck of it
anomolies anonymous connected to the mothership. veteran resident
never nervous or hesitant,
goblins running for president
to legsilate for revenants.
running with scissors the thriller chiller godzilla smash. five million watts of that funk outta fuckin killer amps.

before i do my thing i got my other thing in action
rollin in a monster truck to beat rush hour traffic.
yea dog what's the word?
dropping shit you've never heard,
planet earth is so absurd grip my bike, hop the curb.
i pledge allegiance to summer wonder so “who are you?” no time for bummers or slumber cooking up bitches brew. tony rocky horror picture show
ready set here we go
drop you from the balcony for touching my wife's big toe. everybody’s gettin’ low like they're shooting up the disco, feeling like forty below escape in a white bronco.
orange juice straight outta flask,
firewalk on broken glass,
oh shit he leakin dog somebody call the amberlamps.

before i do my thing i got my other thing poppin,
detroit zoo tiger pit started up a mosh pit.
yea dog real detroit,
boys and girls makin noise,
time to make a silver choice,
clean your toys or raise your voice.
tougher than leather wool knitted sweaters saharan weather
spent cheddar on mozzerella
deffer than hellen keller.
capture all the footage full metal kubric,
you know where the hood is
bonfire on woodbridge.
hangin with a bunch of kids spaced out like buzz aldrin what you got in common with charles darwin and martians?
another year up on the streets
breaking beats and grinding teeth
afford to speak cause talk is cheap
warping time like quantum leap.
ask a crackhead what you know about pumping bass?
5.1 surround sound 808s up in your face.
at the rave tripping face,
too much of that drum and bass,
soda grape, yellow cake
don’t act like you don’t like the taste.


from Why Am I Grinding My Teeth?, released March 30, 2012



all rights reserved


the anonymous. Detroit, Michigan

an mc and a dj's plot to take over the world.


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